In Memoriam

Those who knew him will be sad to learn that one of our members, Dr Mick Morris, has died.

As a student of the Open University, Mick wrote a thesis on the history of classics in Scotland, which remained unpublished, although he did contribute to a number of books, including the collection of essays on Gilbert Murray (Gilbert Murray re-assessed), for which he wrote a chapter on Murray at the BBC. Mick also interviewed Douglas MacDowell about his life and career near the end of his (Douglas’s) life.

He had a dry sense of humour and was always good company.

Here is a link to a brief obituary of Mick in The Herald, accompanied by Hadrian’s Farewell to his Departing Soul.

The Classical Association of Scotland sends its condolences to his family. He will be missed by all who knew him here at the Classical Association of Scotland.

Ave atque vale…


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