Calling All Primary Teachers! Meet the Olympians!

CAS is proud to announce that it has collaborated with a number of enthusiastic and expert teachers to create a unit of works based around the Ancient Greek gods! Meet the Olympians is designed with Scottish state primary schools in mind, and offers teachers and pupils the chance to engage with the various deities which continue to spark the popular imagination in books, TV and film.

The course is designed so that it can be taught as a whole, covering a term’s worth of lessons, or can be split up and used as individual tasks in different areas. It is mapped against benchmarks of the Curriculum for Excellence, and covers a range areas.

These materials are offered entirely free, and with the potential for financial support from Classics for All, if schools desire to embed a little bit of the ancient world in their setup.

We are hugely excited by this project, and hope that many primary teachers take the chance to find out more and journey with us to Mt Olympus!

Date: Wednesday 30th March

Time: 5pm 

Location: Online (Microsoft Teams). Email [email protected] for more information.