Evening Classes

Starting in January 2023, CAS will be offering a range of evening classes, covering ancient languages and non-language topics. Theses classes can be studied individually or (in the case of our Greek and Latin courses) studied sequentially to take learners from an absolute beginner level to a predetermined ability level. Courses last 10 Weeks in the case of language classes and 8 weeks in the case of non-language options.

All classes will be delivered online (Zoom), with an expectation of some self-directed study between sessions. The cost of our courses will include access to tutors by email and a range of pre-prepared resources for use during classes. Textbooks may be recommended by our tutors, but are not compulsory purchases.

Term One will take place between 9th January and 19th March 2023, with our first term line-up as follows:

  • Latin for Absolute Beginners (10wks)
  • Ancient Greek for Absolute Beginners (10wks)
  • Middle Egyptian for Absolute Beginners (10wks)
  • Female Revenge in Greek Literature & Culture (8wks)
  • The Roman Army & the Shaping of Rome (8wks)

The full programme of course content can be found here.

The Course Registration form can be found here.

Our Term One Course Tutors are: 

Juan Lewis (Roman Army):

Juan is an Associate Lecturer in Classical Studies with the Open University. He has lectured at Manchester and Edinburgh, and specialises in Roman imperial government and slavery.

Max Stocker (Middle Egyptian):

Max is a PhD Candidate in Classics at the University of St Andrews. He has worked as a Tutor in Greek & Latin for over two years now, and has offered sessions on Hieroglyphs and Ancient Egyptian culture at CAS events in the past.

Natalia Tsoumpra (Female Revenge):

Natalia is a Tutor in Classics, in the Continuing Education Department at the University of Glasgow. She has worked at the universities of Oxford and Glasgow previously, and has taught Greek language with CAS at every summer school since 2019.

Manos Tsakiris (Ancient Greek):

Manos has recently completed his PhD in Classics at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on the Argonautica of Apollonius of Rhodes. He started work with CAS at the 2021 Summer School.

Sarah Wolstencroft (Latin):

Sarah is a Tutor of Latin, in the Continuing Education Department at the University of Glasgow. Following her PhD, Sarah balances her academic pursuits with a job as Head of Production at a creative and digital communications company.