Summer School

The Classical Association of Scotland is pleased to open registration for its 2023 Ancient Voices Summer School!

Building on our successful programme of summer and evening classes, the 2023 summer school will be CAS’ busiest programme yet. Offering low-pressure courses led by expert tutors, we are offering Latin and Greek at all levels and an exciting array of other languages which typically are lesser-studied owing to a lack of access. As with our previous summer offerings, classes will be around 2hrs per week, encouraging personal study in between times. This structure has been designed to complement already busy work-life balances, since we understand and appreciate that not everyone will be able to commit the time and expense to more intensive (often residential) courses. The team behind Ancient Voices aim to offer a high level of intellectual engagement for the lowest possible price point, while paying our expert tutors fairly for their engagement. The courses we have on offer for 2023 are as follows:

    1. Latin Beginners
    2. Latin Intermediate
    3. Latin Advanced
    4. Ancient Greek Beginners
    5. Ancient Greek Intermediate
    6. Ancient Greek Advanced
    7. Aramaic Beginners
    8. Egyptian Hieroglyphs Beginners
    9. Egyptian Hieroglyphs Post-Beginners
    10. Hebrew Beginners
    11. Sumerian Cuneiform Beginners
    12. Ugaritic Beginners

We will also be offering a special and completely free course entitled Reading the Past as part of our ongoing commitment to outreach and widening access to Classics. Our timetable can be found here:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10am – Noon Greek Beginners Latin Beginners Greek Intermediate Latin Intermediate
1pm – 2.30pm Sumerian Cuneiform Sumerian Cuneiform Reading the Past
3pm – 5pm Hieroglyph Beginners Ugaritic Beginners Aramaic Beginners Hieroglyph Post-Beginners Hebrew Beginners
5.30pm – 7.30pm Latin Advanced Greek Advanced Weekly Lecture



The Ancient Voices Sessions are designed to enable you to take one thread only, or mix and match multiple different language options over the course of the month. Each set of classes costs £55 (this is an inclusive cost, not per class!), and we are offering a sliding discount scale. Signing up for multiple streams will discount your total price (2x Streams = £100, 3x Streams = £120). We hope you agree that this represents exceptional value for money in accessing subjects which are rarely taught outside university walls or private schools.


Registration form:

Our registration form is available here: Ancient Voices Registration Form 2023. (Please be aware you may need to authorise your computer to process the download). If you experience any issues accessing this form, please do not hesitate to email [email protected], and we will be pleased to send a copy to you directly. As a small, largely non-profit organisation, we would appreciate you registering as early as possible. If feasible, we would request that you enrol before Wednesday 5th July.


Course Details:

Individual course details will be placed here in the coming days. Please watch this space!


Tutor Information:

Nathaniel Greene (Aramaic, Hebrew & Ugaritic Beginners)

Nathaniel spent his graduate education studying Hebrew Bible and Northwest Semitic Languages and Literatures at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before taking up his post at the University of Aberdeen, he held visiting positions at Wisconsin and Brandeis University. His research focuses on the origins of writing and literary production in the early phases of the Iron Age in Israel. He has taught on the Ancient Voices summer school and evening courses since 2021.

Alison Greer (Latin Beginners)

Alison teaches Latin and classical subjects as part of the University of Glasgow’s continuing education programme. She has been a Latin tutor with CAS since our inaugural summer school in 2019.

Juan Lewis (Latin Intermediate & Advanced)

Juan is an Associate Lecturer in Classical Studies with the Open University. He has lectured at Manchester and Edinburgh, and specialises in Roman imperial government and slavery. He will shortly be assuming a position with a large ERC-funded project concerning Latin epigraphy.

Angela McDonald (Egyptian Hieroglyphs Beginners & Intermediate)

Angela is a senior lecturer in Egyptology at the University of Glasgow. Her primary area of interest is the ancient Egyptian determinative system in the hieroglyphic and hieratic scripts, but she has taught a wide spectrum of subjects within Egyptology. Her book Write Your Own Egyptian Hieroglyphs (2020, British Museum Press) is now in its twelfth re-printing, and has been published in Spanish and French.

Sam Newington (Reading the Past)

Sam is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen. She has a range of interests including ancient history, religion and mythology. She is a co-founder of the Ancient Voices programme.

Manos Tsakiris (Greek Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced)

Manos has recently completed his PhD in Classics at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on the Argonautica of Apollonius of Rhodes. He started work with CAS at the 2021 Summer School.

Martin Worthington & Mark Chetwood (Sumerian Cuneiform Beginners)

Martin is an Associate Professor in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at Trinity College Dublin. He is a recognised expert in Sumerian and has a claim to fame in being a consultant on the recent Marvel film Eternals.

Mark studied Classics at Cambridge in the 1970’s, and has recently returned to his love of ancient languages and literature following an international business career of almost 40 years. He studied Babylonian with Martin Worthington, and has been inspired to continue and deepen his studies. He shares with Martin a passion for making the learning of Sumerian available to a wide audience, and they are currently co-authoring Complete Sumerian.