Membership is open to university staff and students, school teachers and members of the public interested in the classical world.

New members are always most welcome; enquiries about membership may be made to the Secretary of the CAS, Dr Alex Imrie ([email protected]).

Membership fees: 

Waged:  £10.00

Unwaged/Student:  £5.00

Benefits of Membership:

Historically, membership was simply a charitable add-on to one’s local branch affiliation, which would facilitate the small costs associated with running sporadic lectures etc. Given the revival of CAS’ national committee post-Covid, however, CAS is determined to offer a little more for people’s membership fees. Thus, the national committee are in the process of developing new resources which will be open to members exclusively. See some of the benefits of CAS national membership below:

  • A bi-annual newsletter circulated to members with updates on CAS projects and short, general interest articles written by members.
  • Access to video recording of selected local branch seminars on the CAS YouTube Channel (
  • The option to vote in CAS general meetings, and to stand for CAS national committee offices.
  • Knowledge you are supporting the ground-work of CAS’ national efforts: membership fees are used to support outreach initiatives and to support the delivery of academic events throughout the year.


CAS is a small but dynamic subject association. Our aims are ambitious, since we do not believe that anyone in Scotland should lack the opportunity to engage with the discipline insofar as they desire, be they school-age or far beyond! To that end, CAS gratefully accepts donations from members and the public to support its mission, no matter how big or small. To give a sense of how your gift might assist the Scottish Classics community, see some examples below:

  • £10 can assist a school piloting Latin or Classical Studies for the first time to photocopy resources for their classes without worrying about budgetary constraints.
  • £25 can assist the purchase of a teacher copy of a Latin textbook for classroom delivery.
  • £50 can support a local branch to host a public event with a visiting speaker.
  • £150 can support a new Classics teacher to receive five hours of professional mentoring with a colleague.
  • £250 can support school in offering a trip to a local museum or archaeological site.
  • £500 can cover the material start-up costs of introducing Latin/Classical Studies into a new state school.
  • £750 can support CAS to host a national conference open to teachers, academics and lifelong learners.
  • £1000 can support a teacher to upskill and accredit formally in classical subjects with the General Teaching Council.