Ancient Voices

The Classical Association of Scotland is proud to open registration for its summer languages initiative: Ancient Voices.

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the potential value and strength of online provision across education, opening sessions which would usually be geographically restricted to a truly global audience, and facilitating learning amongst those who otherwise lack the time or resources to commit to more intensive in-person courses etc. It is with this knowledge at the forefront of our minds that CAS is now offering a set of online summer classes in different ancient languages, purposefully designed and shaped to those with already busy schedules, or who simply want to give the subjects a try without a large financial or time commitment. In this way, the classes are perfect for students, teachers and lifelong learners alike! From Monday 5th July until Sunday 1st August, we will be dividing the week into sections where we offer language class in 2hr slots in Latin, Ancient Greek, Hebrew and Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The weekly layout will look like this:

All times are based on UK-time (please Google ‘time in Edinburgh’ if unsure!)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Beginners’ Latin Session (1500-1700) Intermediate Latin Session (1400-1600)


Advanced Latin Session (1600-1800)

Drop-In Language Clinic (1200-1400)


Optional Lectures/Workshops (1500-1700)

Beginners’ Greek Session
Intermediate Greek Session (1400-1600)


Advanced Greek Session (1600-1800)

Beginners’ Hieroglyphs Session (1400-1600)


Beginners’ Hebrew

Drop-In Language Clinic (1500-1700)

Each individual language stream (e.g. Latin Beginners) is priced at £40 per person. This entitles you to the full 8hrs of language tuition, access to drop-in language clinics for questions and troubleshooting, and access to a variety of optional workshops which will include both linguistic and non-linguistic topics (e.g. Cuneiform. Full range tbc).

Ancient Voices is designed so that no two classes will ever clash, meaning that you are able to sign up to multiple streams (e.g. Advanced Greek and Beginners Hebrew), should you so wish. Beginners sessions offer a grammar and vocabulary based launch point, designed for those with little to no experience; Intermediate offers a blend of grammar and textual learning for those who want to consolidate on the basics, and Advanced offers a fully textual launch point, reading directly across ancient texts in which our teachers specialise. Each thread is led by expert teachers from across the school and university sectors.

Registration and payment information can be found in our REGISTRATION FORM, which should be completed and emailed to Dr Alex Imrie (

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