Local Branches

Edinburgh and South East Centre

Founded in 1922, CAS (ESE) was urged by the national CAS to ‘bring together on the broadest possible basis all those interested in classical studies from the literary, scholastic, historical or antiquarian side’. Its original committee was composed of university academics and classicists from among nearby schools (namely George Watson’s Ladies’ College, The Royal High School, The Edinburgh Academy, Daniel Stewart’s College and the High School, Kelso). Today, it operates from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. The current President is Prof. Gavin Kelly (gavin.kelly@ed.ac.uk).¬†

Aberdeen and North of Scotland 

Founded in 2019, CAS (Abn & North) is the youngest of the local branches, but has certainly made its positive presence felt, already matching its older cousins in terms of scholarly and other activities. The foundation of this branch reflects a community in the north that is notably diverse, arriving at Classics from a variety of backgrounds and interests. The branch has successfully commenced its series of research seminars, and has been active in promoting events to local schools, particularly in the north east. The current Chair is Dr Syrithe Pugh (s.m.pugh@abdn.ac.uk).

Glasgow and West